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Shall we bask in foodie goodness?

As my blog soldiers on, I’ve received a variety of cooking requests from my hungry followers. These have ranged from something new (that they’ve never tried), to something borrowed (like momma used to make), to something white (we’ll say this is tofu, to represent vegetarian alternatives) and even to something blue (this a joke, there are no blue foods). So, in the spirit of giving the fans what they want, I’ve dedicated this entire page as a request line to placate your culinary curiosities. Challenge me. If you can think it, I’ll try my damnedest to make it. If I succeed, you’ll have an awesome new recipe to try. If I fail, you’ll win the smug satisfaction of helping me discover humility.

Just keep your submissions within the confines of reality. I will not be making you a snake and boot parfait. Beyond that, the only limit is your own imagination. If you want a dish that incorporates three specific ingredients, or is cooked in the traditions of the indigenous folk of [insert third world country], have at it. Because I’m a sucker for selling out and cross-promoting, if there’s anything you want to hype on my blog when I post your recipe—be it your own blog, your small business or even your charity—I’ll definitely give it a proper shout-out. My e-mail is listed below, so put on your thinking cap and insist that I make for you what you’ve been unable/scared to make for yourself.


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  2. I’m running out of ways to prepare quinoa that doesn’t leave hubby sighing and rolling his eyes. I normally cook it standard, then slightly overcook it and add some garlic olive oil and a splash of hatch 911 chili vinegar. I’ve added chicken to it, and diced green & red peppers. Last week I added hamburger meat and green chiles. I know there has to be more… can you help?

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  4. I love your work, girl. Just the right balance of sexy, sassy and silly. That’s more unique than it may sound. You are something special.


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