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Funny how horror can turn into glee with the right people.


Seems support comes in more than just 36DD. Thanks Maggie. Love you long time!

Misc. Maggie Moves On

I like the word “Broad” and its connotations. One Tough Broad, to me, is one of the highest compliments a woman can receive. Joan Rivers, Suzanne Pleshette and one of my all time faves, Elizabeth Taylor… all Broads. I remember when Joan Rivers’ husband killed himself and she hit the road working. My mother always admired her for that; her husband bailed and left her with a little girl and an assload of debt and she shook it off and went to work.

I don’t know that I have attained “Broad” status but I will always work toward it. Broads are tough mothers, passionate partners. Broads live out loud in living color. Work hard, play hard. Drink, smoke, swear. No apologies. And if you are ever in trouble, you want a Broad on your side. Broads get things done. Broads have huge hearts, big brains, beautiful shoulders to cry on…

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Fanning the Flames

Thanks to my good friend Le Clown,  I was just made aware of this lovely little tribute to yours truly.

Thought I’d give the people that understand what I do a chance to respond, send bags of flaming dog shit and the like.

I’m very busy at my job, working to support my kids and not being taken care of by any fucking man. I will take a time out and respond properly later but in the meantime have fun.



This is why!


TWTG Rides Again

I’m sheepishly, squeamishly, certainly sharing

I’ve had just about enough of your caring

My subjects, I’m sorry

Abruptly I fled, my head, oh my head

Slowly I’m dipping

My toe in the blog pool

Happily single – this girl ain’t no fool

Losing a lover, a friend and a partner

It hasn’t been easy

My art, my heart suffer

I’ll claw my way back

I’ll conquer the kitchen

Because we all know it’s me you’ve been missing

(Kismet) Of The Week

Anyone in a mostly functional relationship will undoubtedly finish their partner’s sentence at some point. The greatest, most random example of this may have happened to me last Friday. I finally decided to join the gay cowboy club and watch Brokeback Mountain with Russell. (Seven years too late, but whatever.) After this fine movie was over, I turned to my boyfriend and said, “I have a question. How was…” at which point he interrupted me with “…one palmful of saliva enough lube for Heath Ledger to comfortably make Jake Gyllenhaal his catcher?” Which is exactly what I was going to say, in not exactly those words. So we’re clear, it’s not like he was thinking the same thing I was—he’s just that goddamn fluent in Kimberlese. Sorry for being so predictable.

TWTG says, “Because my boobs are all sweaty, and I’m excited from Phantom of the Opera.”

I can’t take credit for discovering this video but it’s priceless and makes fun of who I aim to be 😉

The Antithetic Blogger

Following on from Shit Food Bloggers Say, you may never feel the same about eating and tweeting!

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As you might have guessed, I’m kinda a big deal. Look! My very first interview. Squee!

Flavorful World: a Food, Wine, and Spirits Blog

Kim Aaron of The White Trash Gourmet recently took some time out from demonstrating fabulous kitchen skills and hilarious wit to answers nine questions from yours truly.  I defy anyone reading the interview that follows to do so without smiling (as I never fail to do when visiting her site) if not over her honest thoughts on the taste of tripe and the implications of the phrase “corn smut,” then at what may possibly be the best food lover’s memoir title I’ve encountered in the history of this interview series.  I’ve probably said too much, though.  So just read the interview and let it take its rightful place among the list of your favorite things.

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