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Fanning the Flames

Thanks to my good friend Le Clown,ย  I was just made aware of this lovely little tribute to yours truly.

Thought I’d give the people that understand what I do a chance to respond, send bags of flaming dog shit and the like.

I’m very busy at my job, working to support my kids and not being taken care of by any fucking man. I will take a time out and respond properly later but in the meantime have fun.



This is why!



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  1. Kim,
    I am truly sorry about this post. Stay strong.
    Le Clown

  2. I made my feelings on her post known to her earlier today. You kick ass, Kim.

  3. I’m speechless Kim. I feel horrible about this. This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen on WP. It’s actually the only ugly thing I’ve ever seen on WP.

  4. I read it, read the comments, didn’t bother to add my own. Mags wrote that post about being nice to people and I figured I’d better not say anything if I didn’t have anything nice to say. For the record, this chick thinks you are funny as all hell and I appreciate your wry humor. Not only do I appreciate it, I love it, slap it on the backside, and come back for more.

  5. Well I’m a little jealous – I’ve never had this much action with my blog!

  6. Who knows if she’ll approve this comment, so I’ll post it over here. I heard through the interwebs what this douche bag wrote about you. Fuck her.

    For starters, have you personally ever used a dating site?

    I have for the first time recently after the divorce of my husband of 8 years. Did you bother to read what she wrote before you ripped her? I will tell you from experience that you get inundated with guys that don’t fit the bill. That’s the point of the whole dating site anyway, that you can put in your likes, dislikes and requirements in attempts to weed through the bullshit.

    You missed the mark here. All you succeeded in doing was to make yourself look like a shallow, narcissistic, and insecure woman.

    I’m 41, and you’re damn right I have requirements, as I’m sure you do. What you Insinuated about women over 45 is fucking shallow, idiotic, and harmful. Believe me, I say some fucked up shit on my blog, but it is never fueled by hate, and never laser-focused on a particular person in a way that would harm them. That is the real art of writing observational comedy.

    I’m sure with your obvious attitude and requirements, you would attract a lovely, shallow, self-centered narcissist. You would be secure in knowing that he was with you for your (fleeting) looks rather than the real person that you are. You really have it figured out, don’t you.

    True, it takes all kinds to make the world go round, and thank god there are women like you to bait all the egotistical, superficial assholes – who are only concerned with the outer aesthetic – out of the fucking dating pool.

    So to Kim at TWTG, good for you sister. Ignore the cheap shot this egocentric woman took at you. Hold your head up, keep on doing what you’re doing, believe in yourself and the rest will fall into place. Her words are only a reflection of her own insecurities.

    You’re Welcome.


  7. Another new follower here. Tracy told me about that post staked in the heart made and it pissed me off, so I added my bag of flaming dog shit. I love how she’s all “But she doesn’t mind. She is happy she got new followers!” Girl, do you not understand “flaming dog shit” isn’t the same as “thanks so much for insulting me!” One must wonder what sort of men she attracts. “I just don’t understand – I sent him shit and everything! Also I read that rules book and he’s not following them!”

  8. Why are you even concerned with this alleged person’s opinion of your blog?

    In addition to apparently having no sense of humor [or sense of any kind, for that matter], she admits to being the author of a “new teen vampire romance novel”. And she’s not even ashamed of that fact!

    • Love it! I guess some people just don’t have the imagination to come up with something new. I responded but I tried to be a grown up about it.

      • Glad to see you’re not stooping* to her level.
        To paraphrase The Princess Bride, We are men of bewbs, flame wars do not become us;)

        *You probably shouldn’t stoop at all, you’ll fall right over!

  9. I have to say I actually loved your application i guess it comes down to getting someones sense of humour and as I posted over there, I have been with my other half 16 years and would still class as a crazy cat lady with the standards I demand but I am okay with that. I just hope that it doesn’t get you down

    • I have two cats and a dog. I like my pets. I do not have them due to being lonely. Plus I personally think that a crazy cat lady is a true spinster, never having had a relationship and sans children. But that’s just me.

  10. ugh. What a horrible woman!
    On the bright side, I’m pretty sure you are everyone’s new hero

    • It’s been a wild ride. Interesting experience to be sure. I’m not sure what to think about her. She did get quite defensive and kept trying to say it wasn’t a personal attack toward me. I’m still not sure how that is the case but people are good at deluding themselves.

      You all know that I’m not really quite as crazy and self absorbed as I write myself. But it’s neither here nor there. I’m feeling a lot more love than hate.


  11. Even if you are a feisty, funny lady (I wanted to say ‘full of spunk’ but it has such different connotations here in the UK), it doesn’t mean that random cruel jibes from a stranger can’t hurt. I was stunned at her interpretation of your original post because she clearly missed the fact that you are a highly skilled satirist and writer. And I think your response has been measured and tempered by taking a breather from the maelstrom.

    As a man who enjoys your posts enormously because of their wit and ‘Fuck you, this is my life!’ attitude I can only hope that you will take plenty of the positives out of this shitty interlude… the new visitors, the obvious support etc.

    I would have sent large quantities of flaming dogshit in the direction of that shrew, but I think I would have had some issues with the US customs… probably some kind of import/export documentation that was needed… then quarantine for 6 months… the flames would have gone out by the time she got the package… blah blah

    But in reference to your original post… If I wasn’t thousands of miles away and happily loved up, I would have entered the fray to win your fair hand, although I would guess you outclass me by some considerable distance!

    So here’s to all us sane people who don’t hate life or eachother!

    Keep on making us smile!


  12. TWTG:

    Add me as another reader of your blog. I like the company you keep – Weebles, Le Clown, Tracy Fulks, Something Fat Happened, etc. I much prefer to compliment you on your blog rather than add to someone else’s self-delusional, misguided bitch list. Besides, how can I resist your charms when you write in one post about your period and Spinach Risotto & Italian Sausage?


  13. as usual, i’m confused. where did some bitch leave some comments about you? i don’t see it? also – damn – forgot. i know i had something else. lesbians? nah. oh, i know. you wrote something about “some fucking man.” did you mean “fucking” as an adjective or a verb?

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  15. I will admit two things: (1) I never read your blog before today and (2) I came to your blog because Brother Jon pointed out there was some drama going on. I’m an asshat, I know.

    I think, when dating, you’ve GOT to have balls of steel, standards, and a sense of humor about some things. If you don’t, you simply won’t survive. I think the points of your post was missed, and it was turned into something unkind. It’s the first I’ve ever seen of something like this on WordPress.

    Just keep on keepin’ on, sister.

  16. You’re not boring, and for this reason alone you will be showered with men’s attention until the day you die, but you don’t need me to tell you that. The cat litter chick didn’t get the humour in your ad, just like she doesn’t get that authenticity and love of life is all women need to snare a good penis, although a great set of knockers doesn’t hurt. Your problem is only going to be narrowing things down, which will suck. Hope you’re feeling strong through your break-up. xxx

  17. You rock. I’m new here. She’s a dum high school type chick who was probably crying at her locker everyday and uses her entire blog only to make fun of people. You are a true BROAD…keep it up!!! Your application was funny. The end. I’ve often thought of using applications for dates…it would save me much time. Rock on sister.

  18. Kim, you have an awesome blog….and as you can tell, a lot of people agree. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I started reading the comment thread on her site, but just couldn’t make it through. What I don’t get is how you dare to stand up to her. She gives dating advice to strangers, writes books about teenage vampires, and poses for photos like a mime with a prop. How can you compete with that? My advice is to just accept that you have been bested and fade quietly into the scenery that is no doubt enveloping your 45 year old hopes and dreams. Maybe if you wrote a book about young wizards…

  20. Wow. I know why you are tired! I came over to your blog through Slapdash. I went and read what was going on over at the cat litter lady’s blog. Whew. I didn’t even get through all the comments over there and I was tired!
    I’m a complete newbie to your blog, but even I could see that you wrote your piece tongue in cheek, where the cat litter she devil took it to heart. Does she really think women are so desperate?? wow, she doesn’t like her own ‘sisters’ much is all I got. Cheers to you!
    I am older then you and have never had trouble getting a man if I wanted one. But we women don’t “need” a man. We enjoy the company, we enjoy the sex, we enjoy men. But we don’t have to have one to be happy. Obviously the she devil does. Which is just kind of sad really. We should all pity her more then anything.
    Oh yeah, btw, I’m a new follower.

  21. I think you are hilarious and lovely and I think that other person needs a giant litter box for to keep her entire blog in.


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