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TWTG Rides Again

I’m sheepishly, squeamishly, certainly sharing

I’ve had just about enough of your caring

My subjects, I’m sorry

Abruptly I fled, my head, oh my head

Slowly I’m dipping

My toe in the blog pool

Happily single – this girl ain’t no fool

Losing a lover, a friend and a partner

It hasn’t been easy

My art, my heart suffer

I’ll claw my way back

I’ll conquer the kitchen

Because we all know it’s me you’ve been missing


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  1. Sending you good thoughts. Love your blog and glad you’re back!

  2. Brilliant to have you back WTG. I have really missed your take on life and cooking. Get into the kitchen and get busy.

  3. I was just thinking about you. Welcome back. Missed you!!!

  4. Welcome back! I was worried! (And I really missed your blog). Hope you are AOK

  5. Sorry to hear about your relationship woes but happy to see you’re back with your singular version of sass!

    • thewhitetrashgourmet

      Hi Stacie. I’m slowly but surely returning to my normal
      vivacious self. Of course I let my lawn and garden die. I always kill the plants after a break-up.

  6. hi. i am so not up to date. but i think i can guess what’s going on. of course there’s nothing i can do to help. but let me know if i’m wrong. good wishes to you – because i don’t believe in luck.

  7. you have love out here then he could give you and it just continue to grow

    missed you much and waiting to hear from you


  8. Awesome! Atta girl!

  9. Sorry to hear of your woes – but glad to have you back. Blogging is therapeutic, haven’t ya heard!

  10. I’ve missed you!!!! Sorry to hear you’ve had some troubles… hope your heart is mending! Sending good thoughts your way!

  11. Single – the new sexy.


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