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(Kismet) Of The Week

Anyone in a mostly functional relationship will undoubtedly finish their partner’s sentence at some point. The greatest, most random example of this may have happened to me last Friday. I finally decided to join the gay cowboy club and watch Brokeback Mountain with Russell. (Seven years too late, but whatever.) After this fine movie was over, I turned to my boyfriend and said, “I have a question. How was…” at which point he interrupted me with “…one palmful of saliva enough lube for Heath Ledger to comfortably make Jake Gyllenhaal his catcher?” Which is exactly what I was going to say, in not exactly those words. So we’re clear, it’s not like he was thinking the same thing I was—he’s just that goddamn fluent in Kimberlese. Sorry for being so predictable.

TWTG says, “Because my boobs are all sweaty, and I’m excited from Phantom of the Opera.”


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  1. TWTG,
    Le Clown

  2. I really liked that movie but yeah….that seemed a bit too easy. I would think there would have been some screaming. I was laughing before I even read this


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