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(Vindication) Of The Week

According to a recent survey by, 30% of singles refuse to date vegetarians/vegans. A whopping 66% of them consider such dietary heresy to fall under the category of “picky eating” (as opposed to a legitimate lifestyle). This means our voluntary herbivores can’t even play the healthy card anymore, since those in healthy, committed relationships live an average of 10 years longer than the unattached. Get it through your thin, protein-deficient skulls: unless meat is for dinner, meat won’t be for dessert.

TWTG says, “You gotta let me have my gays, honey. Please!”


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  1. what is the AD on your blog? Did you see it?

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  3. as one of your sole picky eater readers, i’d like to correct you and say that if you’re a chick with a good hair, a nice ass, and the ability to swallow things other than food, you can still get dates. of course, i’m still technically single.


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