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(Fun Fact) Of The Week

Saw Magic Mike on Friday, and holy meat candy! Watching it, I discovered that the possessive form of a man’s first name automatically turns his surname into a euphemism for his penis. Imagine my disappointment, then, when the film neglected to show me Channing’s Tatum or Matthew’s McConaughey. Oh, I got to see Joe’s Manganiello, but that’s what True Blood is for. Speaking of which, HBO, I’m still waiting for the Skarsgård of Alexander.

TWTG says, “Volleyball’s okay because they’re all naked.”


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  1. TWTG,
    Look at those beautiful painted abs!
    Le Clown

  2. hey hey. calm it down.

  3. Perpetuation of unreal male body images contributes to the too too high rate of eating disorders among male teens in America.

  4. Do teen males even have eating issues? I thought they just ate till the refrigerator was empty. and now i know why my friend was so happy to see 21 Jump Street 🙂

    • It does happen but I believe the percentages are far lower than female eating disorders. Having said that, I’m not Google, but you can bet your bippy that they do know the answer to every question you have ever had.

  5. I wish my b-friend would develop an eating disorder!

  6. yum. that’s all i can say. i’m not a foodie but the visual recipe you have on this post makes me want to eat. all of it. open wide.


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