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(Baconopolis) Of The Week

Went to the Del Mar Fair San Diego County Fair today for fatty goodness. I think the pictures speak for themselves. A maple bacon Texas donut? It’s like they read my dream journal. Hey, fair vegans… can you hear that coming up Via de la Valle? It’s the sound of a better life.


TWTG says, “I’ve totally turned you gay! I’m so excited!”


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  1. Motto to live by: “Everything is better with bacon.”

  2. Wow, that doughnut looks amazing! I wish they’d replace the Ihop around the corner from my house with Baconopolis.

  3. I would eat the hell out of that doughnut.

  4. I read this the other day “if we were supposed to be vegetarians, the produce crisper wouldn’t be the smallest compartment of the fridge.”

  5. Resisted licking screen. Mmm, bacon.


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