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(Ren Fair Cuisine) Of The Week


Because nothing says Mary, Queen of Scots like a smoked turkey leg complimented by a side of nachos. And, yes, of all the anachronistic details (vikings with scimitars, centaurs with iPhones) Russell and I saw featured at this factually farcical fiasco, this is the one I’m taking umbrage with. I realize Renaissance Fairs are essentially where carnies go to die, and emo kids peddle the beaded crap that was too terrible for Etsy… but fie on your liar faces. Fie!


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  1. where carnies go to die…ha! i used to work on the boardwalk here in NJ, running some of those carnival-type games. kinda carny-ish.

  2. Yep Ren Faires are good for busty bodices and turkey legs.

  3. A turkey leg with nachos? That’s effing dumb. But I sure do love those turkey legs!

  4. i once got hit on by a real carnie in upstate new york. i went to a demolition derby and the cotton candy guy asked me to dinner. thank you, cotton candy IS my dinner and i just bought some. but he had all his teeth so for a second i considered it.


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