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Let’s play that most awesome of 90s trivia games, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon:

  • Kevin Bacon to Steve Martin in “Novocaine.”
  • Steve Martin to Eddie Murphy in “Bowfinger.”
  • Eddie Murphy to Michael Colyar in “Norbit.”
  • Michael Colyar to his wife, Brooks, in marriage.
  • His wife to my sparkly shoes when she complemented them at Pechanga.

Don't forget, Dorothy's ruby slippers are silver in the book.

Say what? My cousin, Gina Manning, is a teacher/comedienne and was one of the opening acts for the casino’s Comedy Club last Saturday night. She was able to get us (that being our mutual cousin, Lisa, her Canadian boyfriend, Ken, Russell and myself) on the VIP list, so of course we had to go. It was a blast. Good drinks and penis jokes abounded. (Abounded I tell you!) But that show was also special for a non-family reason: Michael Colyar made a special, unplanned appearance. Who? You might not know the name offhand, but Google it and the tip of your brain might recognize the face. He was hilarious, as was my cousin and Simply Cookie, the closing performer, had me laughing louder than anyone in the room. Literally. I mean to the point where I’m surprised I didn’t get removed.

Now to make this story about me. After the show (when all the comics were making a beeline to the chip-cashing window to redeem their paychecks), Mr. Colyar and his positively adorable wife passed by our group. She singled me out to gush over my equally adorable shoes. Russell had gotten them for me at the Nordstrom Rack a little while ago, and it must be a testament to his gender, because whenever I explain that a man picked them out it’s met with an “all by himself!?” I’m a lucky gal. Also, look what I’ve just done: I went from shameless name-dropping in my previous post to meaningful name-dropping in this one. I must be moving up in the world!

Canadians hate cilantro. True fact.

Anyway, that show was at the end of what I consider to be a perfect evening. It began with my ReKimmendation (always remember that my name is Kim, dammit) for today, a little Thai place in Temecula called Siam Kitchen. I love Asian food, be it Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean or Thai. I’m sure there are plenty of obscure countries whose food I would also enjoy, but we will save that post for when I can afford to travel to some exotic locale (or when we subjugate them). Despite my love of it, I don’t actually do a lot of Eastern cooking at home. An occasional stir-fry that somewhat resembles Chinese cuisine but that’s about it. (Oh, and Russell makes killer wontons.) Thai food can be tricky, as it tends to be on the expensive side for what generally amounts to noodles and veggies with a little meat thrown in here and there.

What did the pirate order at the Thai restaurant? The Laaaarrrrb!

The Siam Kitchen is different, however. For a few pennies under $50 we were able to feed a gaggle of three very hungry Americans and one Canadian, the latter of which had two fancy beers. $12.50 a piece (minus tip) for four dishes of meaty, spicy (seriously white people, don’t order anything over a two on their hotness scale) goodness? Hell yeah! They have the traditional entrees you would expect; we got the coconut milk soup with chicken (Tom Kha), stir-fried wide noodles with duck (Pad Kee Mao) and the emerald curry with shrimp (Gaeng Koew Wan). We also got the Larb. Holy crap, the Larb. It doesn’t even have an anglo translation… it’s just Larb, man. It’s almost like sausage, spiced to perfection, served on a bed of cabbage. This is the rare Thai dish where the meat does the talking. Hey, vegetables… shun!

Okay, this has been too long of a post. Does everyone get how awesome I found all of the above to be? Everyone does? Good. Also, there are a lot of links in this post. Click on them. If the text is orange, click away. You might tell me you have clicked, but I know you haven’t clicked. The stat-tracking in WordPress tells me the relationship between you and your clicking. Fair warning: Wednesday’s entry is going to be uncharacteristically brief for an excellent reason. So, until Friday, muahs all around!


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