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Desert Island Diva

During my peanut butter tirade last week, there were a few ideas I edited out. Not because I was worried about offending those that might disagree with me (pshaw!), but because they were better suited for today’s recipe. Specifically, I omitted the idea of the Desert Island Five. Being the list makers that we are, we all have these. If I were stuck on a desert island, who or what are the five fill-in-the-blanks I would bring? For example, if I were stuck on a desert island, who are the five celebrities I would bring for… entertainment? *ahem* Johnny Depp, Alexander Skarsgard, Vince Vaughn, John Cusack and Chris Pine. Russell can come. He could start a fire or something.

I digress. The fill-in-the-blank I was originally referring to was food, and for me, peanut butter of course tops that list. (Does anyone not understand how I feel about this yet? I really cannot stress what a monster you otherwise are.) After that are bacon, vodka, cheese(s) and fancy, crackly bread. What do they all have in common? Universalness. Vodka is the drink you stuff into other drinks and bacon is how you teach vegans right from wrong. Cheeses and bread… we’ll get to them in a future post. For now, feast your eyes on what the aforementioned two become when they have puppies:

Please rise for the national anthem.

Bacon Vodka (you heard me)

One pound bacon, fried (you really don’t need a pound, but you can eat the 3 or 4 remaining slices, so it all works out).

One 750 ml bottle vodka – get something that you like, I used Svedka.

Add the fried bacon, bacon grease and vodka to a glass pitcher. Place in freezer for at least three hours. Once the fat at the top has set, remove it. Pour the bacon-infused vodka through a strainer into another container. Now the time consuming part. Filter the vodka at least two times through a paper coffee filter. I replaced the filter every time it got soaked. I only had to do it twice and got a pretty good result with very little sediment and grease left in the vodka. However, filtering a third time would be just fine. Voila! Bacon Vodka.

Now what did I do with this gift of goodness?

Lunch in a glass.

The BLT Martini (of course)

1.5 parts bacon vodka

3 parts bloody mary mix (I like the bold & spicy kind)

Avocado puree – 1 avocado, juice of 1 lemon, splash of Worcestershire sauce, pinch of salt, dash of pepper. Add all to blender, blend on high, adding heavy cream until puree becomes smooth.

Rim martini glass with Bacon Salt (find it here). Shake vodka and bloody mary mix over ice. Pour into glass and garnish with avocado puree. (I put it into one of those squeeze dispensers, like they have ketchup in at diners, so I could make a pretty little design on top of the martini.) Ya hey look, Cleveland Brown, garnish! Yes, I ended this on an in-joke for exactly one person.


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  1. Holy bacon batman. I’ve seen tons of infused vodkas, but this is new to me. Love the martini!

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  3. Will you adopt me (at least for a weekend)??? I don’t eat much & I do laundry.

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  5. I’m not sure if I am grossed out or in love but I think I’m leaning to the love side!


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