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Warning! The following post contains delusions of grandeur.

Because I am as kind and generous as I am white and trashy, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Actually, I’ll do you one better by cracking open my mental safe and sharing with you my recipe for world domination. The secret sauce of this blog, the distant hope of why it exists, is to establish a brand. I don’t want The White Trash Gourmet to just be a clever musing, but an attitude… a profitable attitude. In my fantasy world, the work I do here will be someday be iconic enough to justify stuff; the kind you buy with money. Cookbooks, T-shirts, calendars, cookware, kitchen appliances, etc..

That’s the pipe dream, anyway. If I’m to establish anything, however, I’ll first need to make myself synonymous with my work. I don’t just want to give you culinary goodness, but a personality that is opinionated and honest. And while I’m perfectly happy with throwing family and boyfriends under the bus for blogging gold, if I don’t also put myself out there for all to see, this entire site might as well be a grocery list. Hence, I’m launching a new feature called ReKimmendations. (For those that don’t know, my name is Kim and I’ve heard that puns are the highest form of humor.)

Too much fun with iPhone 4S!

I love to dine out and try to discover a new place each week (having 3 kids doesn’t always work with this, unfortunately), so why not share my thoughts and feelings about what I find? If a place does something unique, or does the traditional better than others, or maybe should be avoided at all costs, I almost feel like it’s my duty (as a foodie and opinionated blogger) to inform my faithful followers. Yes, I just spent the last 300+ words as a long, self-serving way of announcing that I will be reviewing restaurants.

The reason for this is twofold. First, it’s shameless cross-promotion. Until they give me a TV show, social networking is the most I’ve got. Second, since I insist on giving you my opinion, I have to make sure it’s totally honest. You may have noticed in my last post (Sweet Stuff) that I have no problem teasing what I don’t approve of until it curls up into a ball. I try to give the benefit of the doubt to most everything, but if I’m not always being me, I’m not doing my job. So, restaurants, be awesome and get a nice little plug here. Otherwise… you can find solidarity with the peanut butter haters.

Here. Go here.

Whew, that was a long intro. Now for the meat:

Today, the kids and I had to go to the dentist for check-ups. The verdict? We all need to come back for more work. Hooray! The last thing we deserved was to reward ourselves with a Christmas luncheon, but we were hungry and I felt bad for not having much in the way of groceries this week (due to my half-assed Christmas preparation I was playing catch-up). Katie wanted lunch, Sean wanted breakfast and Chris was just pissed that the sealant the dentist used tasted so bad. Suddenly, the lightbulb that lingers over my head (in the middle of my halo, wink) began to flicker and it came to me! Mama Kat’s. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall that I’ve been driving by for years and have always wanted to try. I’ve never seen a weekend without their parking lot packed, so it had to mean something. I used my new, super-smart iPhone 4S to confirm they had a full breakfast and lunch menu, then headed out.

That's a chubby-ass burger!

Walking in, I immediately got a good sign. As an elderly couple was leaving, the waiter called the gentleman by name and said, “I’ll see you Tuesday, so-and-so, we’re closed Monday for the holiday.” It was surprisingly busy two days before Christmas, filled with people picking up holiday pies and a very happy staff milling about. We were seated right away and our drink orders taken quickly. The wait staff was engaging and treated us like family (which, for someone with a large and loving family, is great). The menu is full of all kinds of goodies and breakfast is served all day. Katie chose the Chubby Chick’n Burger (complete with chicken fingers and chili), Chris got the Biscuits and Gravy with eggs, hash browns and bacon (a monster of a meal, but at 12, he’s already taller than I am), Sean got the Breakfast Burger (a cheeseburger topped with an egg and a side of home fries), Russell had the California Omelette and I had the Chorizo Burrito. When our waiter took our orders he gave us suggestions, taking Katie’s burger from a 1/2 pound patty to a 1/4 pound and having my chorizo cooked well-done so it wouldn’t be too greasy. I had the feeling he was part of the family business, as he mentioned he’d been baking pies all morning.

The counter. Duh.

The food came out quickly, but with an apology. Sean’s burger had been sitting too long, and whereas most places would’ve served it anyway, they owned up to their mistake and had a new one out to him ASAP. I appreciate the honesty of a screw-up over trying to pass off second-rate food. Trust me, I’ve made my share of hockey puck pork chops. I tasted everyone’s food (“hush child, it’s for my blog”). Everything was delicious and tasted like home. The chili on Katie’s burger had black beans in it and I swear I got a hint of beer, which is how I make it at home. Chris’ gravy was like my grandpa’s. The omelette not at all runny and my burrito had just the right amount of grease. Our drinks were refilled often and the staff engaged us in conversation. I pointed out that they all seemed really happy to work there, to which they joked and laughed about their fake smiles and antics.

I’m going back, no question. I must try their Eggs Benedict (the variety is huge!) and Chicken and Waffles (OMG!). Thanks, Mama, for a wonderful and filling meal. That you could silence 3 very different, very finicky tastes, while accommodating the large lunch crowd, is nothing short of a holiday miracle. And thank you, dear reader, for enduring such a verbose posting. I had a lot of ground to cover today, but it felt nice to take a break from recipes. I will try to introduce more new features soon, hopefully in way fewer words. The merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years to all!


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  1. YUM!!!! Can we meet for breakfast this weekend???????????


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